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Sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong place.

Well, if gaming is not confined to consoles and game copies, I'd like to know if VGC could start charting those new services as well as PS Now and others.

The way to do this is obviously not as simple as counting copies, but maybe numbers of active users or revenue can be charted somehow. (If those numbers are out there to be fetched).

Anyway, how's going to be the future of gaming charting overall as a significant piece of the market starts moving away from selling copies and selling hardware? That's what I'd like to discuss.

Of course we need to think if those services will be considered part of the console/PC market in terms of core gaming following. As mobile gaming kicked off, many thought that mobile gaming would be another gaming branch and even though it actually is, the console/PC crowd still doesn't see it as the same thing. As a result, charting and following mobile games figures has never got to be a priority or a necessity, at least from the perspective of core game enthusiasts. So, charting core gaming has been meaning charting PC/Nintendo/Xbox/Sony only as usual. Does Stadia and Apple Arcade change it?

I hope some of the website charters, our specialists, can add some thoughts.

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