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These Primaries are really getting crowded now. Who do you guys think will drop out in the near future?

My expectations are that Delaney and Gillibrand will drop out soon, as they are consistently among the last in the polls and lack a clear profile.

haxxiy said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

And he's getting pretty popular, too. At the latest Iowa caucus poll, he jumped from 1 to 11% of the votes. Main Victims were Beto and Klobuchar.

Well, he's technically tied with Beto since the margin of error was about 6% on that one. We'll need more to confirm it wasn't a fluke, since the very large polls (10,000+ people sampled) still have him at 1% nationally (and there was a statewide one with him at 3% somewhere?).

Well, at the latest Morning Consult poll (think that's those 10k+ samples you're talking about) he went up... but only from 1% to 2%. It's still an increase, though.