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Munn75 said:
It's another example of the widening gap between critical review and that of the common person. I personally enjoyed the movie and look forward to the sequel. Mainstream critics are starting to have different intentions today than they had in the past. Ideology is making certain things praiseworthy and other things not so much. The real question is will studios follow suit or continue to take the more capitalist approach and make content that sells well. Based on critical review, we wouldn't get a Venom 2 but based on commercial success, it's a no brainer. Before anyone says it, no I don't believe that just because something sells well, it is automatically good :)

Not me, making a PG-13 Carnage movie is like making a PG-13 Nightmare on Elm Street movie or a PG-13 Alien. They're ruining Carnage's great potential by neutering him for a kid-friendly movie. It's clear Avi Arad doesn't actually read the comics when he says shit like "but if you know his story, if you really know the comics, there is no R here". One of the very first quotes by Carnage was as follows "Why am I killing you? That's easy... I'm killing you... 'cause I can!"

They better release an R-rated director's cut on Blu-Ray, otherwise, I won't pay to see it. 

I also thought Venom was just okay. Not as bad as I thought it would be (which isn't saying much because I was expecting terrible, this IS Sony we're talking about), but not that great, either.

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