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danno_omen said:
Mr Puggsly said:

You're making an assumption I have as well, the X1X could be supported in the future while ending base X1 support. But If a game can function well on the Xbox One X, then it should be playable on a base Xbox One. Maybe it will require a dynamic resolution that goes below 720p, maybe it will struggle for 30 fps and maybe the graphics settings will be put to low/medium, but if it works on the X1X then it should be playable on a X1.

I think Ryse was actually a notable release in 2013 compared to what else was there. Dead Rising 3 was a better game but very unpolished, Forza 5 was nice but not a vast improvement over Forza 4 unless you really compared the assets. Ryse is a great looking game that showed off the potential of 8th gen graphics and was relatively fun story driven game. Its a shame they didn't spend more time patching bugs even though it sold well.

Its safe to assume Xbox One games releasing in 2020 will be prepared to support the superior specs of the next console. While some games will certainly be patched like Gears of War 5, maybe Halo 5, etc.

I'm not as sure as you are. At some point you have to stop making essentially 3 different versions of the game. Sure games that run on the X now can run on the One,but when next gen comes out the X will be the inferior version and then the One will essentially be what the 360 is to games now. I just cant see a dev making a game that runs on a console that outdated beyond maybe the first party games

Well its more like two versions, all X1 games work on the X1X whether or not they utilize the specs. They give the impression supporting the specs of X1X is relatively easy though.

In my head I see it like this. If any game can function on X1X at 1440p-4K and isn't bottlenecked severely on the CPU, then GPU and CPU isn't much of barrier on a base X1 because they could reduce the resolution and other visual settings.

However, if we see games that push the X1X to 1080p/30 fps and exhausting all of the 9GB of RAM with medium graphics settings, then supporting the base X1 becomes a struggle.

Then its also worth considering most games aren't exactly cutting edge if you look at the entire library of every current console. At the very least that means more simplistic and less demanding support could continue for a long time. For example, there are countless indie games that could function on 7th gen hardware but they just aren't worth the effort to port.

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