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Pemalite said:
I would be surprised if Halo: Infinite was a launch title for Next Gen.
Would mean that Halo 5 was the only mainline release for the Xbox One... And would be a missed opportunity to shine the Xbox One X in a good light.

It will be 'Breath of the Wild' like release. 

Imagine if the game is created to make use of the next gen xbox though, porting it back to the X will mean that the most powerful console™ only ever got an up ressed version of Halo 5 from the base model and a downgraded version of Infinite from next gens machine, also.... think about the downgrading that would be required not just for the game to run on the X1X... but then the X1S and the original base system which had very few of its own titles reaching 1080/60 nevermind getting a title from effectively 3 series of devices up, it would be the difference in power and graphical fidelity that you would see from a game running on a 1080TI in comparison to a 1050 it's certainly possible but those base X1 owners version of the game isn't going to look anything like in the adverts for it.

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