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Mr Puggsly said:
Puppyroach said:

Having more people with health insurance than ever in US history is not the sign of a broken law.

At the cost of higher premiums and deductables for the people actually paying in. While working people who can't afford insurance premiums were hit with ridiculous penalties. Even the dems fully admit ACA is flawed, its not just republicans pointing it out.

We could bring obesity to an all time low if we simply made obesity a crime. That's essentially how ACA works, get insurance or you will be punished. If you don't work or make little money, you'll get free healthcare via the people actually paying in.

You could even get free insurance by simply requesting to work less hours, you would fall into a bracket that doesn't make enough money and qualifies for free healthcare. So some people benefit by simply staying home more.

I want everybody to have access to quality healthcare, but ACA was objectively a shit way to do it. There are way to make healthcare more affordable in this country, that's not what ACA accomplished.

Yes, it is flawed since the way to go would be universal healthcare. That the premiums were raised for some people is a result of having a private insurance market that has to cater to shareholders and profit. Also, premiums haven't risen as fast as they would have pre-ACA as far as I've heard? So no, it's deeply flawed but definitively not broken.