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hudsoniscool said:
So while downloading this day one update for halo wars 2 I noticed something. The download speed lies. On the right of the download it says it's downloading around 50mb/s. So it should do .1 gb in about 2 seconds. To do 2.82gb should take about 60 seconds. But it's been 10 minutes and I'm only at 66%. Just doing some simple math tells me it's actually downloading at about 3mb/s.

Mb/s is not the same as MB/s.
Xbox shows Mb/s (which is the same as Mbit/s). 8Mb/s = 1MB/s.
Therefore 50Mb/s in your case should be 6.25MB/s. But by the data you prvided it actually does 3.1MB/s.


50MB/s would be insanely fast. What kind of internet connection do you have? Is 50Mb/s the theoretical maximum you can achieve (not just on X1)?