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konnichiwa said:
dallas said:
Good for nintendo, they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work.


Making the worst hardware of the three next gen consoles, making just (games) copies of their GC line Up
= Hard Work?


Good strategy for a big profit =  Yes!

I believe that M$, Sony worked a lot harder for their games console.

Wow, that isn't a gross generalization at all. I'd have to say you're the most unbiased person on this entire forum. Lol. But seriously, I guess you need any excuse you can come up with to justify why MS and Sony aren't doing as well as Nintendo in console gaming now don't you?

Lol, and worst hardware? Last time I checked Nintendo hasn't run out of Wii coffins like MS has with the 360 much ales been a topic of failure percentages and you don't need to download firmware updates to make the Wii to do reverse compatibility right like the PS3. So far the Wii has the most reliable hardware of the three.