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Illusion said:
m0ney said:

2) Part of Sweden's elite somehow has gotten insane in their liberality due to great life and is unable to see and comprehend reality anymore.

We have this same problem in Canada and USA but Sweden appears to just be a little further along.  Liberalism has been growing steadily in influence and power for the last 50 years and most elites are totally bought into the ideology while they have no conservative principles to counter balance their views.  The reality is that embracing liberalism and labelling conservatives as being backwards and behind the times has worked really well for the western elites for the last 50 years.   The concept of creating a utopia by forcing everyone to be equal and opposing anything white, Christian or traditional has given the elites some very simple answers to life and this simplicity is alluring and fulfilling.  The problem is that, like all fanatical ideologies, liberal ideology will inevitably fail because the world is not an ideal place.

Liberal ideology worked well over the past 50 years because this was a time when there was legitimately unjust racism towards ethnic minorities and placing restrictions on the white, traditional majorities really did serve to bring about more equality and limit some actual injustices.  The scales are finally tilting now in countries like Sweden where the majority of the injustices in these countries can no longer be attributed to actions of the white majority.  Like all ideologies, however, liberalism is inflexible and its solution will always be to try to bring about additional equality by placing further restrictions on white, Christian, "traditional" majorities.  The problem is that restricting whites now is actually making the problem worse and this is why we are seeing the media cover-up any criminal activities committed by immigrants while many white white victims are being outright ignored.  The victims are actually being attacked now by the elites, while the criminals are being protected.

Most people don't realize it, but what we're seeing in Sweden could actually be the beginning of the end of the entire western liberal ideology that will one day come to all of the western world.  You can't take pieces of an ideology and reject others... it's an all or nothing proposition.  The elites have oriented themselves towards a belief that a perfect world can exist if they try to make everone equal by opposing anything white or traditional and that belief doesn't allow for exceptions.  This is why the Swedish elites cannot back down on their support for immigrants even though it is incredibly unpopular.  If they have to forefeit on this one issue then their entire ideology becomes an imperfect proposition: women's equality, abortion, homosexuality, and sate secularism which have their roots from the same ideology all become vulnerable.  30 years from now, the west could look very similar to Russia today which is a country that is rapidly abandoning Soviet-era athiesm and is returning to Christian principles. 

Liberalism does not mean what americans think it means.

And christians have been a minority in Sweden for a very long time.