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Well I'm rushing on my run and I've just got to say that some moderators shouldn't interact with some forum members, and vice versa. Most of ya'll get along jest right most'a the time and your' liek a box full of the cutest spekled puppies.

Nowweheyeergotawreselphsacondition. So jes follow me slowly. Steven Samuel Jones the 12th should stay away from Girl Gamer Elite. He's got this weird fixation in his head and he's unsure whether he would want to be the dominant or passive partner. If it turns out GGE is a girl and she looks like this:



There it is, Bingo. But duz he play pitcer or catcher? Every night he dreams of this man:



It's a scary world. He ends up laughing and crying at the same time and looks like this:



Because of his fragile mental state he might have a slight break from reality and end up like this:



So don't fuck up and let these two near each other. They could both end up like this:




So much fail.