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curl-6 said:
Acevil said:

Just so I am clear where I stand (not against ya or anything). I agree with that statement, but some users including yourself, are being a tad dramatic. I mean I agree with you that conference was bad, but the level of anger is just really high. 

I guess I don't know the struggles of one console only user. 

Well, I have been up for 26 hours, and I have some impulse control issues stemming from my autism, so you could be right. I am pretty pissed off at the moment, and not just cos of E3; 4 years of disappointment have come to a head for me.

That does suck (the lack of sleep) and I can understand (impulse control issue), I was sort of like that with past consoles (PS3 early years, and Wii Later years). I highly do recommend if you can afford it, adopting Nintendo as a complimentary console instead of a main console. However I repeat this, don't get PS4 just yet, the great conference that it was yesterday, a lot of those titles are way off, and even the biggest title is next year Uncharted. 

They most likely will fix their mistakes come NX, but the damage will be done. So if you do get it, try to get it a bit cheaper a year or two later, with some what of decent library.