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swbf2lord said:
osed125 said:
Serious_frusting said:
Religion is the scourge of the earth.

90% of the time it causes suffering. It might sound bad but if people stopped preying for each other as much and actually helped all of these countries would not be in such a mess. Also these countries need to help themselves instead of screaming for help from more powerful nations then screaming bullies afterwards.

Harsh but true.

Prayers don't help people, actions do.

But the prayers can galvanize us into action, with the (at times) unseen hand of God, moving people to do things outside of what they find comfortable. I'll continue to pray for those in Iraq, and the whole of the Middle East. It's a very unstable region, and only God can change their hearts now.


What Serious_frusting said is in no way true. Ludicrous, and in a way, sad, but not true.

I'm not saying this as an anti religion comment, albeit I'm not religious myself, but you can simply not deny that religion has had many negative implications on human history, as well as positive implications. Saying anything else is straight up wrong. Now for the comment you replied to, I agree with him. If you pray you want to help, but besides praying you are not exactly doing anything to help. Also why is Serious_frustings point of view sad?