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scat398 said:
RG3Hunna said:
scat398 said:
Well the title of this article is completely misleading, His comments were not racist or anti-gay.

Talking about his experience working with young black men, I assume in the early 1950's and describing what he say as a fellow employee is not racist. Would you have preferred he lie and say he didn't see black people singing and enjoying their work? Would you have preferred he describe their mood as angry and spiteful to their employer?

As far as the anti-gay comments I think a bit of perspective is needed. Every major religion views the act of homo-sexuality as a sin, I personally don't know why, but for whatever reason they lump it in with the other major no-no's of adultery, cheating, stealing, (things that we all agree are morally wrong), which raises a larger question of if our ancestors for thousand of years were able to determine the above mentioned sins are morally wrong, why do we make the assumption they are wrong about homo-sexuality? Bigger question for a larger debate but anyways, is it anti-gay to say you believe homo-sexuality is a sin? or is it merely offensive? there is a difference.

Blacks were not happy during the pre Civil Rights era he is clueless. He was working with young black men back when young black men were to give up their seat in the front of the bus for white passengers? Yea right sureeeeeeee!!!! The guy is talking out of his behind. Blacks were not happy during jim crow and for a white man who isn't black to say that is amazingly ignorant. 

It would be like me saying gays were happier prior to all the "PC gay rights" you see now. I'm not gay, who do I think I am proclaiming how gays feel? That guy is a moron, he's entitled to his own opinion and I accept that and i'm entitled to mine and my opinion is that he's an ignorant moron. 

But he is not ignorant on the matter at hand, if anything you and I are.  He was describing his experiene as a poor whte kid working wth poor black kids.  Just because his  experience doesn't ft the mold of the greater picture doesn't make him racist, which is what some very ignorant people called him.

Again, would you rather have had him lie, or are you calling him a liar?

I'm black and I have parents and grand parents who were in that era, they hated it. You could be hung if a white woman said you looked at her. You were to pick up your food in the back where the dogs were tied up. You were to get up out of your seat if the bus was packed and a whte passenger came in. You were also to get out of your seat if a white passenger wanted your seat even if it wasn't packed. If you did EVERYTHING right in school and wanted to go to a great southern university like LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama etc etc you were not allowed to go because they don't allow your kind. Black athletes had to attend HBCU's they were not allowed to attend regular colleges. The KKK was prevelant especially in the south and they would hang you for entertainment if they dare saw you out at night. Can you imagine how that would make you feel where you're terrified at night that you could be hung or your house burned down just because of the color of your skin?

I'm not ignorant to the subject I just ask my relatives who lived during the time in the racist south. How is a white man going to tell me blacks were happy during the jim crow era? Blacks weren't happy why do you think they marched for rights? If they were happy the civil rights movement wouldn't have happened. 

Yes i'm calling him a LIAR. Blacks were not happy during the jim crow era, there was prevelant mob violence and lynching why the heck would blacks be happy about that?