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Soleron said:
kowenicki said:
Soleron said:
sales2099 said:
People can say they don't like Win 8, but you can't say it isn't making a lot of money.

It's half the price per license, and it didn't increase PC sales. So yes you can say that.

100m app downloads includes free apps, the number is worthless without the breakdown into paid apps or revenue figures.

Yes. This is all bad news. 

I've only seen bad news (in context) so far. Sustained revenue and good profit figures, or sustained WinPhone8 market share, or any kind of hard numbers for Surface sales, or news of increased PC sales YoY would make me change my mind. Right now it feels like MS is playing the PR game to hide all of those things, because they are bad.

Honestly Windows 8 isn't even that much of an upgrade over Windows 7. All I have noticed is the slightly annoying tiles you get in the beggining of starting up your computer. But Windows 8 isn't a failure or bad just because it isn't selling as fast as Windows 7 otherwise if that was the case then I guess you could say the the PS3 is a colosal failure and don't even get me started on the software sales compared to PS2.