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Attention Saturdays and Sundays Anybody Can Join All Together At 5:00pm Eastern Time In Bracket 1 or 2 room. Unless There is a Tourny You can join anytime. If More People Request It I can Open 3-4 days a week. Thank You!

⇔This is for MK7 only So if you want to join, post or pm me. I'll put you in a Communinty!
This is an opened community for any/everyone to join at anytime!
VGChartz → 35-8028-6065-3711 ←
The tourny starts at 7:00pm Eastern Time on the dot!⇔

↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓IMPORTANT READ ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

The rules for a tournament with four brackets

The one rule above all is that everyone has to be honest and honorable. Don't enter a room you are not supposed to. There are seven rooms prepared for this tournament and you will have to move to another room in each round. The entire tournament should last somewhere between 60-70 minutes, depending on how smooth the transitions between rounds go.

The hosts: Each of the four initial brackets (1, 2, 3, 4) has a host who will start the Grand Prix (standard rules, four races) in time and post the results in this thread afterwards to let everyone know how it ended. In case none of these four hosts will be present in one or both rooms in round 2, it would be much appreciated, if someone else takes over these duties voluntary. The same goes for round 3.

Who goes to the next round? In each round the top 4 of any given room will progress to the next round. Note that in case of a tie in points between two or more players, the game will most likely rank the player who attained the better result in the fourth race higher. While this isn't guaranteed, you better be prepared that the fourth race will have more weight than the others.

All Community rooms you need! Take down all 7 if you want to particapate!
●Bracket 1= 70-0595-1980-6820
◆Bracket 2= 10-6773-0197-2827
■Bracket 3= 58-9054-8973-9889
♪Bracket 4= 59-9319-8692-3683
▲Bracket 5= 31-8429-0145-9451
▼Bracket 6= 29-5966-3363-7054
☆Bracket 7= 43-1257-8069-8301