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superchunk said:
kain_kusanagi said:

Well, for one thing, these rumors are only about the next Playstation, not the next Xbox too. They are only rumors and they don't sound all that real to me. Also, the Wii U is not twice as powerfull as the PS3. It just isn't.

I take it you didn't A) click on link or B) read my other thread covering the rest of the rumors found at the link.

As for WiiU... yes it is 2x PS360. It obviously is.

Ok, I clicked the link and found rumors about the next Xbox. But this thread is about the next Playstation. The link rumors that the next Xbox will be the most powerfull, but that the next Playstation will still be quite a bit more powefull than the Wii U. I still don't know why anyone other than a Nintendo employee would want the next Xbox and Playstation to be limited to Wii U which is NOT twice as powefull as the PS360. It obviously is not.

Oh and I don't know what the other thread is that you're talking about. But I do know that some hacker just released specific tech specs of the Wii U and the news is in. The Wii U is not a huge leap from PS360. http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/11/29/wii-u-cpu-gpu-details-uncovered

I like the Wii U and will get one when the main Mario, Zelda, or Metroid game comes out. Graphics don't get me to buy Nintendo hardware, the games do.