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RolStoppable said:
Barozi said:

aaaah stop asking all these questions....

usually everytime you make a new (mostly ironic or sarcastic) thread I see about 1 or 2 complaints.

pretty much never.

We don't get that many reports actually. Before I was a mod I thought there would be like 5 violations every hour or so. The real number is far lower or they maybe just don't get reported ;)
I'd like to add that there are other moderators besides me who do their work, so sometimes if another mod was really quick, I might not even notice when we get a new moderator job.

I must have the highest amount of reports that didn't lead to moderations then.

twesterm told me that he had to work overtime, deleting all the reports that came in after I made my Nintendo fans are intelligenter than Sony fans thread.

yeah that was a busy day ;)