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when it comes to buying games at your local game store, how do the store clerks treat you and other customers when it comes to buying games/suggesting games and or system?

I wanted to make this thread after this situation:

yesterday I was heading to gamestop to waste some time  until my bus came(though I ended up buying Star Wars the Force Unleashed II and re-buying Dante's Inferno) when this women came in deciding either to get a PS3 or 360 for her children, she went to the store clerk(a new guy) for suggestions, and well it was evident he was a 360 fan. First he went off saying the PS3 hasn't been selling well, that Sony was ignoring their fanbase because of the PS move, and that the PSN was hacked and that if you sign in you might get your information stolen, now me hearing this I turned around and started listening in, he then said that Sony was has started charging for online since last year because they need money, and that with the 360 you're paying for added security, dedicated servers, facebook intergration,netflix(though this is debatable)

I stepped in and said that that clearly isn't true, and told the woman how the Sony's paid subcription is optional and that the online was free while you would have to pay $60 a year if you wanted to play online with the Xbox 360 and gave her the latest on Sony's PSN troubles, the store clerk tried to make it seem like I didn't know what I was talking about, but luckily the woman listen to my comments and asked me what I would chose, I told her it really depends on what your looking for; I told her that with the PS3 you're getting free online, a built-in blu-ray player and wifi adapter the ability to run netflix, with the 360 you're also getting a built-in wifi adapter and the ability to run netflix and that most 360 models come with MS's new electronic device called Kinect that was a pretty hot item, that it gets you up in active

fortunatley the woman didn't buy anything and decided to do some research on her own

as I end this post: this is not an attack on 360 fans, most of the workers there are 360 fans but they're quite fair when it comes suggesting games/sytems( the only PS3 fans that work there are  half-japanese...go figure lol)