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blue7x7 said:
CGI-Quality said:

Flop or not, it got the job done for those of us who truly wanted it! Yes, 1 million retail (1 million downloaded) is enough to warrant a sequel and maybe next time around, Microsoft will just handle the marketing a little better.

Try to remember this is a horror title, and outside of RE & Dead Space, very few horror franchises have done anything. Wake is one of those games on any platform that deserved so much more from all angles, and a sequel might just be what kick starts this franchise into high gear!

It's not a horror game.

Anyways good to hear it sold that well and like a previous poster said it's probably over 2 million if you count the bundled downloadable codes. Didn't Forza 3 sell almost 1 million more because of those bundles. Good to hear it's a great game.

It's definitely a horror game.

Congrats Alan Wake. Here is to hope for a sequel.