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libellule said:
to Gballzack,
==> You saied "its sales just declined" about soucalibur serie
then I can argue it is the same for SH serie, the sales declined BUT the game are great !!!
Well, to say the truth, I know that SH3/SH4 are not as good as SH1/2, for the majority of the SH gamers (including me).
But I dont see how u can prejudge for SH5 or even Origins since the game are not even out !
Finally, the point about SH5 was absolutely not to claim something like
"Wii will not have SH5"
but just answer to "finalsquall" that thougt the SH serie was a sony exclusivity.

were u trying to pick up a fight ? or maybe just to pick up a ban ?

libellule your response method is a nightmare, could you at least put a space between the original text and your response?

I also don't know what the point of your response was either? "The same can be said for SH series?" Of course the same can be said for the SH series, in fact I did say the same thing for the SH series, its sales have been declining too, its obvious. Did you even fully read my response before jumping head long into this mess of a reply? My argument was not that SH just sucked and SC just had bad sales, it was that SH had declining quality in games and declining sales as oppossed to SC which just had declining sales.

I'm not sure what prejudice you're talking about either, SH fans everywhere including yourself agree SH2 was the best and it has been downhill in quality since then and facts show the sales have been dropping too. I'm not sure what fight you're talking about myself picking either but the only person here seemingly eager to go fist-a-cufs is yourself in trying to make a big deal out of essentially nothing in a very clearly misconstrewed interpretation of someone else's argument.

You're out of your element here Donney.