Forums - Gaming Discussion - Predict 2010 Meta scores for PS3/360/Wii Consoles Exclusives - RESULTS!!

Ok so I suck so far >.

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man i suck at predicting lol

When will the next predictions be?


                                       That's Gordon Freeman in "Real-Life"


Kenoid said:
When will the next predictions be?

Early 2011!


Looking forward to seeing this updated.

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I'm up there....  come on!!  lol

I'm not really here!

This still exists!!

I'll try and get this up to date over the weekend.


lol I'm pretty bad at this.

But I'm confident about my prediciton for upcoming games like Reach, GT5, Fable 3 and Metroid.

Boutros, I just lost my 1 points for Red Steel, NMH2 AND GOWIII




The point layout system is being reconfigured to best fit the forum ... that and loads of scores changed, so for the moment we're all tieing