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Here are some fan-made pictures of Half life 2 Episode 3, just to keep the hype up =)

And, from the Black Mesa Source, there is a new wiki about the game to check out:

And some videos:


And Black Mesa Source Songs:

1. Black Mesa Theme: mp3
2. Surface Tension Theme: mp3
3. WGH Topside: mp3
4. Anomalous Materials: mp3
5. Blastpit: mp3
6. End Credits (part 2): mp3

Note: I'll constantly update this thread when any news about Half Life comes to light =)

Hope you enjoy it.


                                       That's Gordon Freeman in "Real-Life"


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I would rather see the words "Black Mesa Source is out now"

Now my day is tarnished in sadness.


Well, guess we have to wait for E3 this year to see if there is any luck =)


                                       That's Gordon Freeman in "Real-Life"