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Forums - Website Topics - SONY HATES YOU!


Warning this site contains cuss words but its a hilarious read none the less.


Btw i am no means a sony hater but after reading that article im less inclined to feel sorry for their finanial losses because they sued a small company into oblivion. Sorry if its been posed here but i found it relevant and very comical.




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I feel like banning you just for phailing this hard.



I would have banned him.


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did you even read the article, the entire thing was pure satire, why are you gettin all up in arms?




I am by no means a Sony supporter... But, this is not really a valuable thread.

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You do realize that that every single person from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma has read this, right?

It's not new, or original. Everyone has seen this, and everyone knows about the site.



This is a retarded thread. Mods please close it or ban the OP please its flame bait to PS3 owners.

I'm going to give this 15-20 posts about how old this article is and how much this thread completely fails hard before closing it.

Alright people, be creative!



There's no reason to start calling for bans here. Well, the thread title could have been better, but still...


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Why is it "flame bait" for just ps3 owners exclusivly? I mean i own a ps2 so that should entitle me to say what i want about the company right? Oh i get it, since i dont have thier latest product i cant talk about the company.
This threads intention isnt supposed to single out ps3 owners. Its to get a laugh because its funny. Im a fan of sony i have a ps2. I plan on getting a ps3 when ut3 and mgs 4 come out.