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One of the things that really annoy me is not being able to skip FMVs I think they're called.  Movies in games that aren't skippable.  For example, I remember FF10, there was some parts that I just didn't want to rewatch especially when I keep dying and then have to reload and then I have to rewatch the FMV that I can't skip.  It's one of the reason why I won't replay that game, though I'm not sure if the internationnal version can skip them or not.  I was lenient 2 generations ago (N64, PSX, DC) since FMV were new, but by the time they were in the last generation (GC, PS2, XBOX) they should have that options in ALL games.  They should have taken skippable movies into account when it comes to rating games.  I personally think that all games that you can't skip movies in should loose 20% of the max score (if it's rated out of 10, deduct 2 points after final score).  Some games that are semi-skippable like Rogue Galaxy should loose 10%.  This is semi-skippable, because it seems you can't skip FMV until a certain time has passed.(probably background loading the next part)

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Too human is supposed to be particularly annoying in this aspect.

^you can skip the vids the second time you play. But the first playthrough.....

ya it's annoying especially when you already finished the game once.

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voty2000 said:
^you can skip the vids the second time you play. But the first playthrough.....

seriously?  thanks for the tip, but it should still be there. It's annoying to keep watching the same 10 minute movie just to get to a boss and then you die.........and then you have to load and watch it again, you're probably already frustrated just thinking about it.

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That annoys me more than anything! Especially in RPG's with like 15 minute cut-scenes before a boss fight, and you keep dying....

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no one else finds this annoying?