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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nextgenwars???

The website has some very different statistics to this website. What I want to know is how this website does it's research? The other website updated it's stats way too uniformly, if grafed it would make perfectly straight lines...

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The "other" site makes estimates and then they have a formula that adds a certain number of consoles every minute so it approaches their estimate. Personally, I think it's intentionally misleading. The totals aren't "real time" like they want you to think. Go to this topic for more thoughts on this site's stats. This topic is a bit redundant...

It's mind bogulling how people even consider as a legitimate source for data gathering I mean, they openly do not tell anyone where they get their info from and they have a lot of people buying into it. Good gosh I believe there are much more dumb people nowadays than there have ever been in history if you consider the rate of accessable knowledge. I'm so glad whoever started did.

Well I go to that site and I get all the "info" i need on there accuracy.