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Alright, to start this off I’d like to say that I have been visiting this site since 2007. I saw it go from plain white, to white and blue, to the piece of shit Gamespot copycat format it’s in today. I lurked for a long time, reading the forums and generally enjoying what people had to say. We had epic members (who are now all permabanned/left) who made the forums a fun experience. I joined in 2008 after I bought MGS4 to discuss with legends such as Crazzyman himself This brings me to my first point: The mod system on this site. It’s terribly flawed. Although there are mods who I respect such as MakingMusic and the newly recruited Zexen_Lowe, some mods on this site are just horrible at their jobs and should have never been recruited to begin with due to their extreme biases. The two most notable examples are Sega4Life and MaxwellGT2000, who are huge Wiitards and will ban anyone who criticizes Wii in an instant.

            Recently, Maxwell banned me for making a joke. A FUCKING JOKE. I said “Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after playing it” in a response to someone buying a 360 Elite. Apparently, humor is no longer allowed (and no, I really wasn’t trolling. I can say this with utmost honesty…I have no reason to lie since I’m leaving anyway. I thought mods were allowed to give warnings to people? I suppose not. We have people such as Seece constantly trolling PS3 topics such as when it recently sold over 1 million units in 1 week.

Apparently, he can bring negativity and fanboyism into a thread because he has special privileges. I have no idea how you can be a “contributor” when you contribute so little to the site. He edits his posts so much it’s insane. If I had been given so many opportunities to edit by mods, I’d probably do the same. I just refuse to suck their cocks to get what I want. Oh, and back to my ban: Did I get a warning? No. How long was the ban? 5 DAYS. 5 DAYS FOR A FUCKING JOKE! Whatever. Fuck you, Maxwell. You suck at looking like Jack Sparrow, you ugly inbred bastard.

            Now, my second point focuses on the obvious bias shown by the two most influential people on this site: ioi and TheSource. If you haven’t noticed by now, I quoted ioi in my sig. He predicted 600k first month for the PS3 slim. What did it do? Over 1.5 million. Now, he confronted me about this in a thread saying:

“Well it was taken totally out of context and I made some obvious mistakes with basic math when I wrote it.

August sales were 430k and it is a 4 week month vs 5 week for September so there was no way on earth it was only going to sell 600k.

My point was that sales should roughly double from August (which is far more than many analysts were saying - I was probably the most bullish on PS3 slim projections) so doing the math properly you'd have had 431*5/4*2 = nearly 1.1m which is what I was trying to say and not that stupid or far off from what actually happened.”

 I found this utterly hilarious. No, I will not take your fanboyish prediction out of my sig. And yes, I think you’re an imbecile. Maybe you shouldn’t make “calculation errors” and stick to them consistently throughout threads? I laugh at you, ioi. Also, put your Facebook pictures on private. And I’d untag myself from a majority of them if I were you. Nobody cares to see pictures of you getting shit-faced at bars and eating constantly…

            Oh TheSource…you’re next. Why do Japan previews if you know nothing about cultural trends? I know of someone on here (who I will not name, but he’ll surely know I’m talking about him) who KNOWS people in the areas you guess at, and his predictions are often far more correct than yours. You consistently overestimate Wii hardware and undershoot PS3 hardware. I suppose that’s only natural because you’re a Wii fanboy…I mean, your avatar alone tells me everything. I’ve complained about your previews often, yes. For good reason. I call out bad predictions, and I’m ALWAYS right about them. Also linked in my sig, Final Fantasy XIII first week hardware predictions.

“But even with a 1,350,000 debut, pushing 60,000 PS3s I don't know that it can push PS3 much past 135,000 or so in Japan, even with the normal lift you'd see from the Dec 13 to Dec 20 weeks that doesn't include FFXIII.”

LOL! You really can’t get much more blind than that. I know you want the Wii to outsell PS3, but cut the bullshit. The most common excuse I’ve encountered? “Well Sony obviviously shipped moar consul bundles den we thawt!!!” Right…just give it up. You’re biased. We need someone more competent to do the Japan previews. You’re even worse than ioi, The(unreliable)Source.

            This won’t be all pissing and moaning. There are some good things that have come out of this site. First, wenlan and CGI-Quality. Man, you guys rock. You’re much more level-headed than the higher-ups of this website, and I respect that a lot. Wenlan will be a long-term friend and I look forward to talking to him for a long time to come. CGI, what can I say? I’m appalled that you aren’t a mod yet. Oh yes, that’s right. You aren’t a mod because you generally favor PS3. What a shame, that arguably the best user on this site hasn’t been promoted because of other people’s fanboyism. You deserve it CGI, and I’ll never forget you.

            Now, the best thing this site has done for me. SimonSaysFYou. I love you so much. We’ve come so far in two months and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re my ideal person…you know that. I love our chats on MSN and Skype, and eagerly await this summer. Less than three, Simon. Less than three J

            So, I hope my signature amused some people on this site. It sure did amuse me. It’s served its purpose, so I see no need to do the last week if it means staying on this dreadful site another week. I know this thread will be locked, but no matter. If people can take anything away from this, just know that the leadership here is severely biased and if you favor PS, don’t expect to get very far. Goodbye CGI, MakingMusic, and Zexen. I’ll miss you guys. Wenlan and Simon, I’ll see you outside of the site. Everyone else (minus a few people who I like but don’t have time to mention) good luck…