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i just got me a xbox 360 today........i dont have internet on my 360 it possible for me to go to a web site and download xbox 360 demos on a cd and put them on my xbox 360?????????????????  i hope this dont sound very dumb but im new to the system and just got mine today so plz go easy on me...............

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No, the best you can do is get a demo disk from OXM or a friend.

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The only way I know to get demos is off LIVE or a demo disc from the Official Xbox magazine.


I don't think so, unless you mod ur 360. But, you can take your 360 to a friends house and download the demos you want. You usually get a free month on XBL with a new purchase. My friend brought his over to my house( his hard drive ) and did it that way. Hope that helps.

No, only demo disks unfortunately :(


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thanks that helps alot .......... a friend gave me a xbox 360 today......... it freezes everyone once in a while......he gave me a it with a 20 gig hard drive and a wireless controller...... it had a few demos and games he bought on it........i still cant belive he gave me a xbox 360 ...... he said he got a new one..... im like wow still yet

ocarina what games do you have for it?

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its got a turtles arcade demo a pac man demo uno demo the full banjo kazooie game the full battle field 1943 the full game to castlevania sotn the full duke nukem 3d arcade game fable 2 full arcade game gemotry wars full arcade game marvel vs capcom 2 full game and street fighter two full game..........

So why can't you connect it to the internet?

i dont have that wireless peace for my xbox 360........ and my tv is one part of my livin room and my computer is in the other .............i wish i could ....... i still can beleive he game it to me..........