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I love the Hell out of some Ike Reilly. This isn't even one of his better songs!

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Sweet! I get to post some of my random music!

Lets start with a little bit of Hayley (who is technically a chart topper but not so much popular)

Then some Bif Naked

A little Terra in Black as remixed by Ailsean (NOT the Black Mages as the video says)

The Polyphonic Spree is a lot of fun

And lets end with some Mikey Jr because he's incredible

More later if I remember

Ah, here we go, one of my favorite Ike Reilly tracks:

Just about everything from this group is awesome.


I've been enjoying this song quite a bit lately, even if it is a few years old.

Or check out my new webcomic:

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Im not sure when something crosses the line of mainstream :/

pastro243 said:
Im not sure when something crosses the line of mainstream :/

I'm not entirely sure either, though I assume the purpose of the thread is to expose songs/bands to interested people who may not have otherwise heard... That being said, I doubt bladycor would care about what we post so long as it isn't from a band that are regular chart toppers. That's what I got from the OP anyhow.

I'd be surprised if many (outside France) heard this song; it's from a French animated film called "Les Triplets des Belleville" - a fantastic movie.

A remix of Britney Spears by 16bit :p Singer is Yael Naim.

(Although dubstep is increasing in popularity, I wouldn't call it mainstream yet)

Yeah just post whatever, just stuff you think is good that you think other people probably don't know about.

Here's another good one from 16 bit.

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