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Wait, I'm the ONLY one who put Pet Sounds on their list?

*gasps in horror*

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dystopia said:

02. Revolver (The Beatles)

Nice, I thought I was the only one whose fav beatles album is REvolver

Nope, Revolver is their best album. Probably the most important album ever recorded.

With the Beatles, I just put a bunch of album names in a hat and pick one. At any given moment, any of their albums could be my favorite.

Ditto none of their albums are my favorite ten but they are with a couple of exceptions honarable mentions.

Aww now I feel bad for not picking The Future and The Velvet Underground self-titled. My favorites rotate all the time, and picking 10 is really painful, but those albums are usually there. In fact, right now my favorite album is probably Leonard's new live album.