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1. The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time are two of my favorite games of all time. A Link to the Past is amazing as well. The franchise also includes a couple great GameBoy games and of course the games that started it all on the NES.

2. Super Mario - Super Mario World is my favorite platformer of all time. SMB, SMB3, and M64 are all great classics that need to be played by any fan of platformers. I'm also a big fan of SMW2.

3. Pokemon - A great take on the RPG genre. I spent so much time on these games in my childhood.

4. Donkey Kong - Three amazing platformers in the 'Country' series, a ton of gaming history before that, and an unfortunate collect-a-thon on the N64.

5. Command & Conquer - A especially loved the 'Red Alert' entries to the franchise.

6. Metroid - I don't particularly like the NES versions, but Super Metroid is so good that it makes up for that.

7. Mega Man - So many great games, and so popular, it is almost a crime to not include it.

8. Civilization - Could be flipped with Number 9, it was a tough choice.

9. Sim City - Could be flipped with Number 8, it was a tough choice.

10. Perfect Dark - Yeah, there's only one game for this franchise in this time period. So, what? Still my favorite FPS to this date.

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1) Punch Out!
2) The Legend Of Zelda
3) Super Mario
4) Metroid
5) Donkey Kong
6) Mega Man
7) Pokemon
8) Sonic The Hedgehog
9) Mario Kart
10) Tetris

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Off the top of my head..

1 Legend of Zelda 10pt
2 Donkey Kong 9pt
3 Tales of.. 8pt
4 Sonic the Hedgehog 7pt
5 Mario 6pt
6 Brath of Fire 5pt
7 Final Fantasy 4pt
8 Street Fighter 3pt
9 Metroid 2pt
10 Tetris 1pt

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09tarheel said:
Scoobes said:
1. Bomb Jack (no-one's gonna remember this but I loved it!)
2. Half-Life (I believe the PC version was released around the time of PS1)
3. Super Mario
4. Legend of Zelda
5. Age of Empires
6. Starcraft
7. Final Fantasy
8. Baldurs Gate
9. Street Fighter
10. Tetris

I've never heard of Bomb Jack, what kind of game is it, and what platform(s) was it for?

I used to play Bomb Jack on Spectrum 2048k. My favourite game at its time.

1. Super Mario Bros 3 (the best gaming experience ive ever had)
2. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (the best game of all time)
3. Double Dragon
4. Dr Mario
5. Castlevania
6. Sonic the Hedgehog (i have to put that on the list i mean it was awesome)
7. Ninja Gaidon (Nes version)
8. Megaman
9. Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 (Nes Version)
10. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES Version)

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1. Tomb raider
2. Metal gear solid
3. Soul reaver
4. Gran Turismo.
5. Pro Evolution Soccer
6. Sonic
7. Bomb jack
8. Resident evil.
9. Doom
10. Tetris

1) Super Mario Bros.
2) The Legend of Zelda
3) Commander Keen
4) Duke Nukem
5) Sonic the Hedgehog
7) Quake
8) Mario Kart
9) Wolfenstein 3D
10) Castlevania

DOS games rule.

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1) Mortal Kombat
2) Command & Conquer
3) Pokemon
4) Sonic
5) Fallout
6) Syphon Filter
7) MechWarrior
8) The Sims
9) Worms
10) Streets of Rage


Aww, only ten...damnit.

1. Legend of Zelda
Ocarina of Time is my favourite game of all time, and with amazing games such as A Link to the Past, Majora's Mask, the original Legend of Zelda and Link's Awakening, I just had to place Legend of Zelda at the top.

2. Super Mario
My first video game was Super Mario Bros. I still remember the day I got it. A few years later I got Super Mario Bros 3, which is my favourite Super Mario game. I loved Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island, and Super Mario 64 was one of the games that got me into gaming again.

3. Chrono
It consists of only 2 games, but both are amazing so I had to include it. Chrono Trigger is in my Top 5, and it's the game that got me into JRPG's. I had tried Final Fantasy before but I thought the battles were so damn boring I couldn't stand it. Chrono Trigger somehow helped me get into turn-based battle systems and now I have zero problems with them.

4. Starcraft
It's only one game plus an expansion but wow, that game is amazing. Of all strategy games this on is closest to perfection. It got three unique races with their ups and downs, and the setting is fantastic. It's probably the game I've spent most time with.

5. Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Country was the game I got with my Super Nintendo. I felt a bit disappointed at first, because I wanted the Super Mario World/Super Mario All-Stars bundle but I got DKC instead. After a few levels all disappointment was gone. I loved it. I remember buying a second controller the next day so I could play with my little brother. The other DKC games were good as well, but I prefered the Donkey/Diddy team :P
Donkey Kong 64 was superb, and I hate Nintendo for not releasing it on VC...

6. Final Fantasy
First time I tried a Final Fantasy game (can't remember if it was FFI or FFVI) I felt...yuck...I was a fan of Action RPG's such as A Link to the Past and Terranigma, and I hated to just stand there and wait for my turn, and I hated that I couldn't defend manually, or even move my characters. After playing Chrono Trigger I revisited FF, and I'm glad I did. Final Fantasy VI was...God's gift to man, it was brilliant. The characters, Kefca, the Opera scene, the music. Brilliant.
Final Fantasy IV, goddamnit was that game hard. But I liked it anyway, the story was good and it had good characters.

7. Command & Conquer
My family's old Win 95 computer was godawful, but I could play C&C on it ^_^. I don't know how much time I've spent on Red Alert, which is my favourite C&C game, and I loved playing multiplayer even though the computer AI sucked.

8. Tetris
Tetris, not much to say. It's a very simple game, but it's the work of a genius. It never gets old.

9. Metroid
I haven't played Metroid II, but the first Metroid and Super Metroid are so damn good I have to list it in my Top 10 anyway. I loved the exploring, finding weapon upgrades, finding new paths and Metroid has one of the greatest WTH moments. Samus was a...woman!? Wow.

10. Tales of
I don't see it making many Top 10 lists but Tales of Phantasia for the Snes was a really good game, and for a Snes game it was very impressive. The graphics were great, it had a song intro (!) and for a Action RPG fan like myself the battles was pure joy.
I remember some complaints about Tales of Destiny on the PSX using 2D graphics when every games should move to 3D. I'm glad they didn't. I've always enjoyed the character design of Tales, and ToD has an amazing cast. Stahn is one of the greatest heroes ever (XD). Another thing I love in Tales games is the humour. Phantasia was funny, Destiny was hilarious, as was Eternia. They also have a lot of fan service, and I love fan service.

That's it. Ehm, sorry for the long post...

Siko1989 said:
1. Super Mario Bros 3 (the best gaming experience ive ever had)
2. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (the best game of all time)
3. Double Dragon
4. Dr Mario
5. Castlevania
6. Sonic the Hedgehog (i have to put that on the list i mean it was awesome)
7. Ninja Gaidon (Nes version)
8. Megaman
9. Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 (Nes Version)
10. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES Version)

Thanks for voting, but this list is about franchises not individual games. Do you want to keep that same list, but just say that is the franchises instead of the individual games you listed?