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I think the song is pure trash, but it's all for the greater good I guess...I'm glad you can mute the TV.

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The song actually grows on me.. Still, it all depends on how they implement it in the game. I still like the japanese more though.

I don't like pop ballads in general, but this'll be 3.5 minutes of a 60-70 hr game, so I don't mind or care much.

Horrible. Just another reason for me not to buy this game. 2010 is a year of bigger and better games.

DM235 said:
Just another reason not to get this game...

If they're going to mess with it, there should at least be an option to use the original Japanese theme song.

Agreed 110%


Square is notorious for completely failing at all aspects of localization.Unfortunatly FF13  will not have any dual audio features becuase MS has the policy of requiring multiplat releases to be identical on Xbox, and the game already had to be chopped from 7 DVDs to 2 DVDs for xbox. I hear it may go 3 though.



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tuscaniman said:
Horrible. Just another reason for me not to buy this game. 2010 is a year of bigger and better games.

I don't think this would be a good enough reason not to get Final Fantasy 13.

It sucks! Wow, I liked the old one better.


Even this would be better....

19:44:34 Skeezer METAL GEAR ONLINE
19:44:36 Skeezer FAILURE
19:44:51 ABadClown You're right!
19:44:55 ABadClown Hur hur hur
19:45:01 Skeezer i meant
19:45:04 Skeezer YOU ARE A FAILKURE
19:45:08 Skeezer FAILURE*

i think final fantasy has always had unique and innovative music from latin operas to metal music I think the song is a great addition and is a step forward to the enduring series that is final fantasy I applaud Square bravo bravo.

i think its cheesy and generic.... but it doesnt really matter.

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Well, I like it. Don't know if it's appropriate for the game, but if S-E chose it, that means it probably is. 'Cause it's their game, after all. Oh, and generic Pop ballad >>>> generic AND bland J-Pop ballad. - A Portuguese gaming site. Check the latest N-ews!