Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Reggie disappointed that games like COD MW2, Assassinís Creed arent on wii


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Reggie wants all the big games on the Wii, that's nothing new. The same goes for saying that there won't be a Wii HD.

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I wouldn't really be dissapointed if I were him. Wii already sells enough SW and has plenty of 3rd party support.

Reggie should really take action and try to get these developers to put games like on Assassin's Creed 2 and Modern Warfer 2 on the Wii.


Infinity Ward doesn't like working on the Wii.

Assassin's Creed was in development before the Wii even launched, and the 2nd game should still be highly successful appealing to the PS3/360/PC crowd, just like the first one. A Wii version (with motion controls and several differences) is probably considered too much of a bother to make. Or there's just not enough motivation.

And a lot of these games aren't on the Wii because it's just too different from the HD consoles. Most developers have no fuckin' clue how to make a successful game on the Wii (big hits like Carnival Games are often the developer getting lucky and not actually thinking of its appeal), and most want to work with more powerful engines and utilize more features.



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When Microsoft wanted certain games on their system they got out their checkbook. Is Reggie willing to "pay the price"? lol

hey they have the money lol

Yeah well to bad for him. I would be dissapointed to.




Don't worry Reggie, MW2 will be on the Wii next year. Edit: Or in 2 years.

I'm dissapointed the games aren't on Wii as well. But the HD systems have what the Third Parties want. Graphics and companies willing to subsidize their development cost.

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