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Forums - Website Topics - Glitch in reporting system?

Usually, when you ty to report someone who has quoted someone, something like this happens:

naznatips said:
Guys, I really don't understand why you do this. If you don't like the site, please don't post here. I'm just trying to clean up the game database and I'm getting constant reports and interruptions to deal with accounts like this. This is the internet. There are a lot of places you can post where everyone will agree with your point of view. If that's what you want, then this probably isn't the right site for you. That doesn't mean you need to constantly create puppet accounts to troll it though.

Honestly you do make perfect sense.

Problem is sites like teamxbox or PSU do not pretand to cater to everyone, this palce does yet we all know its a wiifanboy haven. Fishyjoe as MOD lol one of the biggets sony haters wii fanboys on here.

And your right, if you wont agree with everything pro wii you should leave since this is a wii fanboy website as is PSu for PS3 fanboys.

So why not officialy call this place nitnendo somehting or wii whatever ????? Most of these people that you call trolls would leave if you were just honest about this palce.

Its sad and pathetic ioi pretands this place is all unbias yet makes a troll like fishyjoe a mod, as if shams wasent a big enough wii fanboy mod.

Call it for what it is.

A forum catered for nintendo fanboys, just be honest and half your problems would go away.





^ This was posted by oooooo

Apparently, that's all that pops up and that's it, you can't report someone. I think it's a glitch. I encountered it before.

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I edited his post. That troll has given up the right to say anything. Locking this thread since it's not a glitch.