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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Vote Now! VGC Most Wanted June

1. conduit
2. silent hill Shattered Memories (wii)
3. Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
4. No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle
5. monster hunter 3

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1- Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday

2- Heavy Rain

3- God Of War 3

4- Infamous

5- White Knight Chronicle

Vote to Localize — SEGA and Konami Polls

Vote Today To Help Get A Konami & SEGA Game Localized.This Will Only Work If Lots Of People Vote.

Click on the Image to Head to the Voting Page (A vote for Yakuza is a vote to save gaming)

1.Pokemon Gold/Silver

2.Tales of Grace

3. No More Hero's 2

4.Arc Rise Fantaisa

5.Mass effect 2

Former something....

1. Starcraft II
2. Final Fantasy XIII
3. Fat Princess
4. White Knight Chronicles
5. Rock Band: Pearl Jam --- if that doesn't count then Rock Band: Beatles

1. Starcraft II (everyone should have this as their #1)

2. Final Fantasy XIII

3. Assassin's Creed 2

4. The Beatles: Rock Band

5. Bioshock 2



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1) God of War 3
2) Call of Duty : MW2
3) Gran Turismo 5
4) Uncharted 2
5) MAG

1. Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver
2. Final Fantasy XIII
3. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
4. Katamari Tribute
5. God of War III

1. The Conduit
2. Punch Out
3. EA Grand Slam Tennis
4. Wii Sports Resort
5. Red Steel 2


Improvements are caused by people who complain

Tiger Woods '10
Indiana Jones & the Staff of Kings
The Conduit
RE Archives
Silent Hill (Wii)


Assassins Creed II
Heavy Rain
Capcom Vs Marvel