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Well as most of you have probably noticed by now we have set up a full back-end community on VG Charts. When you log in you should get options for your mailbox, friends lists, photo galleries, profile editor and so on. Please check it all out and familiarise yourself. And maybe send some messages to people if you want !! We are going to hold a competition on Monday to see who has the best profile so far - so get working on it. Myself and Broshnat have had a go to give you some guidance. As ever, any problems / bugs / errors then let us know Thanks

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We also have IRC channels now.

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This new stuff is amazing guys, I really like it !! Gonna upload some pics and stuff in a bit

Curses! I'm going to be away until sunday night. I'm going to have to go profile crazy when I get back. And the new stuff is awsome!

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