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omg sorry for not knowing!
its my moms birthday as wel!

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loolollololololollolo!!!! i'm the one who found out!!!!! thank me, shteflz!!!!!!!!

banished4eva, i'm ish call u b4e from now on, you didn't know such an obvious thing!!!

Has one less row of stamps than the two people above her.

Nintendo still doomed?
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watevr. u dont hav a ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love kyo!!!!!!!!

was late!!!

@supermario: can count really well!!! thank you, that's so nice of you to say......hahah!!lolerz!

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likes yogurt with sprinkles

"But as always, technology refused to be dignity's bitch."--Vance DeGeneres

always guesses what people like

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loves wolves for some reason.

has under 100 post

likes wii, ps3 way better

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