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Just a quick question for everyone - do you like the current side menu we use or would you prefer to see a top-mounted menu bar? Any ideas or any sites you have been on that you would suggest using as an example? Or are you happy with things as they are? By the way, keep checking back this afternoon / tonight, some nice additions are on their way... it's exciting stuff (for us at least)

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This is, by far, the best put together forum I've ever used. By the way, any word on that mod IRC channel? I'd really like to go ahead and start ironning some stuff out.

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Side Menu is ok. For me it's much more user-friendly than top-mounted.

I like the side menu, but it really messes up the formatting on PSP/Wii. The Add along the right side also messes up the PSP/Wii. (both the menu, and the right side add, takes ~40-50% of the width. After the forum's formatting, it fits about 3-4 words, and then to the next line. Speaking of adds. Why so many popups? I think I get more popups here than I do on any website I've seen in a long time.

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Try Firefox Kwaad...

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EDIT: Wrong thread. lol I dont have many problems on my computer. But on the PSP/Wii I have some major problems with the adds. They take up alot of the screen. ETC.

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I fly this flag in victory!

Did I miss something? Where did all the good options for America go? Lookup a game, compare games, click on a game in monthly stats, etc.. :(

@Wii_gamer I like the side bar better. It is easier to scroll down than it is to scroll right. Also, did you see me page number request?