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Hello fellow gamers, I'm writing because I have an interactive idea that will take the GUITAR HERO idea even further. I've already pitched this idea to MICROSOFT but I'd like feedback from other gamers/musicians around the world. You can check out my idea at www.jamaround Thanks to all for checking it out! Cheers MOSSROCK LA (gamertag on xbox360)

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Hi Moss

Nice idea, as a fun loving gamer and music man I always enjoy jam sessions, I only have a little experiance with recording on computers but I´m not sure if you could sync the musik from two or more people form all around the world together without any lag, would be cool to be in a Band with people you´ve never even met though, great Idea, I hope it gets picked up :)   




Clever... and welcome to the community...

Why not add me on msn...

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welcome moss.