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Forums - Sales Discussion - NPD November prediction thread

Now with the recent Nintendo PR related to the Wii Sales, i don't except the Wii to exceed the 500k since november NPD will track sales to 26th of November. Wii: 500k PS3: 350k X360: 550k PS2: 650k NDS: 700k PSP: 400k GBA: 500k GC: 250k XBOX: 13 GoW: 750k FFXII: 950k GH II: 650k Zelda TP: 425k

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I predict X360 will sell like 350893 consoles . I`ll post the standar deviation later... The rest we all know. Reports are that Gears of War just reached the 1 million sales. We know the Wii did +600.000 consoles sold. And the now poor always-crap PS3 did +250.000 consoles sold. Sony stock are still crap. As to NPD results as to 26th November, still I think GoW kicked Zelda`s ass hard!

Wii sold 600+ in the US+Canada, so NPD numbers can't be higher! Also, GoW sold 1m w/w ;) And don't forget that the official thread is in the prediction section

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