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BKK2 said:

From July:

“We’ve [the PS3] just exceeded 300,000 units sold and $200 million in sales,” said Christie. “This figure does not include 65,000 units in business to business deals or the Bravia giveaway.”


End of July:

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCEA) came out with its own figures this week touting the PlayStation 3's success down under. SCEA says 305,000 PS3s have now been sold in Australia since the console's launch in March 2007, with an additional 75,000 units in the market thanks to giveaway deals like the Bravia television offer.



So I guess it means this article which mentioned the 35k deal would be tracked by GfK was wrong?

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DS is insane everybody has one from my 8 year old cousin to my sister in law lol

@koffie, maybe, we'll have to see when Sony update us on PS3 sales, they won't give out the numbers before the financial results later this week.

2008 software numbers:

01 Wii Fit (370,000)
02 Wii Play (320,000)
03 Mario Kart Wii (269,000)

Wii: 4.5m
NDS: 3.5m
360: 2.1m


The 360 and PS3 numbers in the OP were rounded off to 100k. 360 LTD was 537k, and PS3 was 368k. Wii YTD was 685,000.

GfK 2007 LTDs:

NDS - 988,000
360 - 299,000
WII - 294,000
PS3 - 155,000

GfK 2008 YTDs:

NDS - 800,000
Wii - 685,000
360 - 238,000
PS3 - 213,000

GfK 2008 LTDs:

NDS - 1,788,000
Wii - 979,000
360 - 537,000
PS3 - 368,000*

*Sony claim an additional 75,000 PS3's given away with Bravia TVs etc

What exactly do you mean 'given away' in this sentence? You mean the bravia give away?

the PS3 sits at a total of 400,000 sold (re: given away).

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Yes, the Bravia giveaway, Sony claim these aren't tracked by GfK.

aussie aussie aussie

460,000 PlayStation 3s now in Aussie homes

* By James Kozanecki, GameSpot AU
* Posted Feb 4, 2009 9:04 pm PT

2008 marks a big year in sales for Sony's flagship console; 47 per cent SingStar sale increase.

Over the past few weeks, both Nintendo and Microsoft have disclosed their Australian hardware sales figures for 2008, with Sony the only one who has kept quiet. Sony Computer Entertainment Australia's silence has finally broken, with figures released today showing the company sold 213,000 PlayStation 3's last year, with a total down under install-base now of 460,000 units, according to industry trackers GfK Australia.

Not all of the 460,000 PS3s were sold, however, with the total install-base figure including 70,000 PS3s that Sony gave away during its Bravia LCD promotion.

In comparison, Sony's two rivals--Microsoft and Nintendo--have sold over 537,000 and one million units of their next-gen consoles down under, respectively.

While PS3 wasn't the victor in hardware sales, the three current PlayStation platforms (PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable) managed to have an impressive year in software sales. In total, 42 per cent of all software sold during 2008 was on one of the three PS consoles.

In a press release, Michael Ephraim, managing director of SCE Australia & New Zealand, said that almost 50 per cent of Aussie PS3 owners have embraced the console's online functionality. Interestingly, this number is lower than Aussie Xbox Live adoption amongst 360 owners, which Microsoft claim to be over 50 per cent.

Consistent with last year’s boom in the "family games" category, the SingStar franchise saw a 47 per cent increase in sales, with the latest game in the franchise--SingStar ABBA--selling 92,000 units in the six weeks leading up to Christmas across the PS2 and PS3.

While the focus of today's announcement was primarily on the PS3, Sony also updated its figures for the PS2 and PSP. Over its nine years of sales, the PS2 still holds strong to its title of best-selling console down under, boasting 2.4 million consoles in Australian households. The PSP, on the other hand, has sold just over half a million.

So, PS3 under and 360 overtracked.