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Halo Wars coming February 28th (Updated)

It was just announced at CES that Halo Wars will be available on February 28th (see below with world wide dates) with a demo hitting Xbox LIVE on February 5th.


Edit: There has be an update to the Halo Wars release date. In addition, I have details on specific regions:

Japan and Asia Pacific: February 26
Europe: February 27
North America: March 3

Note: The demo is still on track for a February 5th release.

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Nice.....I can wait 1 more week.

I'm worried this will crush Star Ocean 4 sales.

It'll be interesting to see how successful this is. Obviously it'll sell a million copies, but I'd love to see it create a more viable market for RTS games on the xbox.

May be they learn from their mistake and want extra week to package the "limited edition" so we won't have another "gutted edtion" like Fable 2.

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I hope this game isn't all hype. I am looking forward to another halo game like everyone else.

At least now killzone 2 may have a chance of being number 1 for one week in U.S.

It's good to see Europe getting games before NA - even if its only a few days

i cant wait for this game and i hope that if this game sells really well and i hope that maybe just maybe if this game sells like 5 million copies then microsoft will keep ensemble

i hope this game if this game sells enough then maybe just maybe they will keep ensemble.but im still super excited for this game