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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your Favorite Moment(s) in Gaming.

6 huge defining moments in gaming history (for me) Climbing out of the ship and viewing Sedya Need for the first time in Morrowind about 4-5 years ago - visually amazing with the water, and then choosing your character. Such fun & open ended game play. I wish Morrowind was BC-compatible. Realizing the true identity of Darth Revan in KOTOR, and then deciding what to do with that knowledge at the star forge. Turning on the computer in AD 2300 to witness the Day of Lavos in 1999AD in Chrono Trigger. Man, that finding absolutely sucked, and then began to truely suck you into the world that was the best game in history, Chrono Trigger. Rescuing Rosa from Golbez in FFIV (FFII in the US at the time) - that was very romantic, and one of the first times I saw true emotion in a game. Playing Co-Op on Gears of War - True next-gen gaming. The best fun I've had since Goldeneye 64 on 4p. The graphics....The story....Going up against hundreds of Locust with a friend after Emergence day - amazing. Walking through the first abandoned corridor in Umbrella Mansion in RE1 for the first time - a friend was playing the game, at night, with the sound turned up too loud. A hellhound busts through the window, and the music starts blaring - scariest moment in gaming history. 10 years later, I still get scared and am too cautious running through there.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.