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Forums - Website Topics - Teh Pokey Mans break VGCharts!

Stupid haxing Pokeymans! *shakes fist* In all seriousness, I suspect this may be a known issue but I need to report it anyway: in the sales totals for both continents, the links to the various monthly/weekly sales numbers for all Pokemon games is broken. For example, clicking on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl for Japan gets you this: The list won't render properly, and spits a ton of SQL errors out. It seems to be the Pokemon games only, and every single Pokemon game on the site is affected. It's a little odd as the weekly/monthly sales data is still being stored in the database and is showing up on the weekly/monthly charts, but the individual listings are unusable. Might be handy to get this fixed before Diamond/Pearl drops in the U.S. this April.

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We do know about it, item 23,027 on the to do list Basically it is a php problem - we are passing a variable with a backslash in it and there is a php command in the header of each page which looks for a backslash in the url (so looking for subfolders, like /news) and gets confused because it sees a slash and looks for / Pearl or / Green or something. When we switch next week to a full game database for the site (where each game has a proper page with sales in each country, a summary, the option to add reviews and so on) then the game info will be passed by id number and the problem fixed. So we have decided to live with if for the time being until we update the whole game database and redo the links and pages... phew! Thanks though, any more technical bugs then let us know - if we don't know something doesn't work we can't fix it!!