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Hey there,

The holiday season is coming up, and that means getting games! However, I am in doubt about the games I should be buying. There seemed to be a reasonable amount of great announcements for the Wii lately, but looks like most of those won't be coming out until next year. My question is:

What games are coming out around now on the Wii that are really worth getting?

Mind you, I live in Europe, so looks like I'm just not lucky with some release dates (ToS:2?). Right now, it looks like Call of Duty WAW will be worthwhile, but I still feel that there has to be something better out there which I'm missing. I couldn't find some decent European release dates anywhere, but it looks like Fatal Frame IV (the game I'm looking forward to the most) is not coming out till next year in Europe? Or am I mistaken? And what else should I get?

Thanks for your help!

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I just bought Animal Crossing: City Folk and I've got around 6-7 hours of it each day so far (since Sunday,) so I've played for like, 24-28 hours so far. Definitely worth the buy.

For Christmas, I'm getting-
Sonic Unleashed
Tales of Symphonia 2

and I'll probably be picking up de Blob after Christmas.
3 Wii games for the end year ain't bad.

Call of Duty WaW is amazing, easily the best FPS I played on the Wii (so it's better than Far Cry, Red Steel and both Medal of Honors).

World of Goo.


Just cheched your Wii list. If you enjoyed Twilight Princess maybe you should try Okami.

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Yeah, COD's a safe choice. I haven't played it on Wii but it can't be that much worse...

And Animal Crossing if you're into that sorta thing.

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If you have balance board skate it and shaun white.

I just recently bought AC:CF and CoD:WaW!

Tales of Symphonia 2 is the 1st title that people should buy! it's awesome
followed very closely by Animal Crossing!! (online on AC is super)

then there are a lot of games like:

Sonic Unleashed
Castlevania Judgment
Call of Duty: World at War
MySims Kingdom
Rayman Raving Rabbits TV party
Wii Music

maybe WarioLand and De Blob are good as well, but some more are coming near Christmas like Deadly Creatures, Snowboard....etc

god knows how i remember all of them!! : P

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Animal Crossing, Guitar Hero World Tour, CoD: WaW, Sonic Unleashed...

Nothing spectacular! Atleast, I'm not buying ANYTHING of the above! But decent...!