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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Not enough Wii 3rd party support? Another 13 games coming...

Well... I have a Wii, but they look crappy... All in all, good news... PS2 has a lot of crap, bullshit even, but that is the way by the time you get the best games. DS for example has a lot of shit, but has some delicious games too. I think Nintendo consoles don't have much third party support because we, users, tend to buy only nintendo games (I have Nes, Snes, N64, Game boy, Game Boy Advance, DS and Wii and 75% of my games are from Nintendo... In fact, I have only third party games for my N64...). Nintendo users know the way nintendo does games (the best way), so we don't take risks in buying others', and that is why in the long term Nintendo consoles lose third party support. I'll start myself buying third party games, I have castlevania (DS) and rayman raving rabbids, sonic and ssx blur (Wii) in my mind... I hope they don't lose the current third party support (I hope they don't make so much crappy ps2 conversions too)

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*Every* game that comes out for a system generates sales, console sales, $ value, retailer interest (etc). Regardless of the quality of the game, having more games announced/coming out for a system is *always* a good thing. (this only turns sour when a *really* anticipated game comes out - and bites. Then retailers get very annoyed...). PS: I think Mario Party8 has been delayed - but I can't wait for it. I have MP4 (and we spent months clocking every aspect of it), but I think the series has gone stale. But MP8 looks to fix all of that - IGN has a bunch of screenshots, and I think it looks sweet-as!

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