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Forums - Gaming Discussion - eb games takes a crap on psp

Look, Nintendo is not winning because of price... i personally could never think myself buying a Wii until i saw the E3 2006, i was about to buy the PS3 because i didn't know much about it and thought it was invincible. Not to mention the PSP, i bought it at launch date and still it was such a waste of money so i traded it for a DS Lite. (even if i had a DS phat already) Don't think of the price as a reason for Sony to fail... then why GC was so low on sales? it had HALF the price of a PS2 or an X-Box. There are a lot of reasons making a console fail... and Sony seems to have them all,i mean what's wrong with them??? They were fine with PSX and PS2 but too much arrogance in their heads i suppose...

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I know two people that have sold their PSP's recently (not to get a DS though) - they just were not being used. They would rather play "console" games on a TV - not a handheld. Also - look at the Jan US sales for 2006 & 2007. The DS has actually PICKED UP momentum over the PSP (PSP outsold the DS in Jan 2006!). Its good to see some good games coming out for the PSP - but its too late. I have seen too many stories recently about companies switching development from the PSP to DS (EA, Sega, etc...). By the end of this year, the argument will be completely dead - as the DS will have an even greater dominating year over the PSP. I think you'll see companies slowly dropping PSP support completely (will still be some), which will eventually lead to retailers pulling back on PSP support (when the PSP first came out here - in an average EB store, it had about 3:1 shelf-space over the DS. Now the DS has about 2:1 on the PSP, and things like UMD movies are hidden away on one back shelf). ... The only hope for the PSP is a revised model & significant price cut. Im not sure how many people will be happy to trade-in or sell their PSP's for a revised one though.

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ChrisClement said: Well, I'm 37. I owned a PSP for a year. I've owned a DS for 6 months. The DS is a better handheld than the PSP. Yes, that's my opinion, but obviously most agree with me considering the sales numbers. And no, I haven't played Pokemon or Nintendogs. I play FFIII, Brain Age, Elite Beat Agents, Hotel Dusk, and Trauma Center. Nothing kiddie about those games and you won't find anything like the on the PSP. But I can play just about all the PSP games on my PS2.
Wow, for a 37 year old, there is a lot of nonsense in that post.

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i dont see how any of that is nonsence, maby you want to back up your claim instead of just calling it nonsence