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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sonic and the Secret Rings was almost a port of Sonic on the Xbox 360

During an interview, Sega's Sonic Team Producer Yojiro Ogawa talked about the company's initial plans to launch a Sonic game on all three systems, however when faced with the "revolutionary" controls of the Wii, they decided to build a new game from scratch.

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Good choice. From what I am seeing so far the Wii Sonic will be leagues better than the others.

I played it shortly...I liked it. I've played the Sonic on Xbox 360 at Best Buy a few really did suck. A lot of it looked really good, but it felt kinda slow and I died 3 times by falling in a bottomless pit, cause I couldn't see where I was sucked. Some 10-12 year old kids played it after me, and they sounded like they were having fun, but they died so many times, and they just gave up. The Secret Rings game was pretty fun, mainly because I wasn't dying all the time, and it felt a lot faster once I got the hang of it. It looked quite good for a Wii game too. I wish I could have played it a little longer.

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Dying all the time reminds me of Kid Icarus.