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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wii sales hit 5 million! Awesome !!

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If you go to that website and click on the link, then it sends you here (vgcharts).

That's the Circle of Internet :)

It probably has, but not officially. Japan is 1.6 million Feb 11 officially N.A. was 1.247 million through Dec 30, 2006 435k for USA by February 3, 2007 Europe is 810k in December 2006 1.6+1.247+.435+.810 = 4.092 million at least (official data) Add in 50k for Canada/N.A. for Jan Add in 100k Feb 11 - Feb 21 in Japan 2007 Add in 250k for N.A. so far in February Add in Europe for January - 300k? Add in Europe for upto February 21 - 200k That would give you 4.992 million as of Feb 21, 2007

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Yeah, 5 million seems about spot on really - didn't realise it was from here