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Forums - Website Topics - total hardware shipments & europe

first off let me say this is one of my fav websites. ive always been very interested in game sales and its great to find it all in one place. the presentation is excellent and its very easy to navigate. i was wondering if the worldwide total hardware shipments will ever be updated to include the xbox and older consoles from sega and atari etc? also are there any plans to include european sales figures in as much detail as the current american and japanese charts?

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Hey bud, Even though Im not the guy running the site, I can tell you this: There are no tracking firms for Europe, to my knowledge. UK has some, but outside of them, I haven't seen any rock-hard data from any other country. Once in awhile, the manufacturers release data about various regions (IE, MS talking about the 100k units of the 360 being sold in Austrailia, a record). BTW, if the admin reads this, PLEASE GET THE SEPTEMBER NPD DATA UP! I wanna see how the top games did!

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