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It isn't stickied anymore. ;_;

I'd say so... who's to blame, and why?!

The Doctor will see you now  Promoting Lesbianism -->


twesterm said:
It isn't stickied anymore. ;_;


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I love this thread. Why isn't it in the sticky section anymore?

I've just found my lunch break past time......

I am the Playstation Avenger.


*deleted by request of OP, and it's just way too long.*


Tagging! Loved the flying asians and Eye on the ball!

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First of all, the WoW as an abstinence tool made me laugh.

Second of all, a couple I made.

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

Plus, just for the hell of it: Kelly Brook at the 2008 BAFTAs